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Meet the "Foundation" of Summit,
Bailey and Ely
He was Bailey's best buddy, and her favorite
wrestling buddy and chew toy!
It got pretty comical watching them vie for the
same toy, whether they really wanted it or not.
She was always in a playful mood! Even
though she was the oldest of the gang,
she had the heart of a
youngster...always. There's was never a
dull moment to be found in the world of
was my first show dog, and is the foundation of SUMMIT DALMATIANS. She finished her AKC championship
in February of 2007, at the Denver, Plum Creek Kennel Club show, under judge Pat Hastings, She was shown
on a limited basis, until we picked up the pace entering shows, in 2006=2007. She had multiple 5 point major,
Specialty Reserves, back when entries were quite larger at Specialties, than they are today She earned her
ROAD DOG title, AND her RAlly Novice title, at the age of 9, competing at the Dalmatian Club of America
Nationals, held in April of  2009.
Bailey is the dam of Mazie (DCA's Top Dam 2012) and grand dam to my Taylor, Libby, and a whole slew of
other up n' comers! You can see her heritage by clicking on this
page , to see her grandkids.
Daughter,Mazie and her Momma- Bailey
Bailey passed on her beautiful face to Mazie,
which in turn, Mazie shares with her off spring.
One of the trademarks of a Summit dal.
Bailey earned her Road Dog title, at the
Dalmatian Club of America National Specialty,
on  April 2, 2009.
She placed 1st in her class, with a score of 548,
out of a possible 600. See pictures of her
training and some of the actual Road trial, at
the bottom of this page.
Road Trial training,
February 2009. We
worked on, sit stays,
hocking beside the
horse and not in front
of the horse's nose,
recalls, and hocking
with distractions, plus
a few other things. I
usually started her on
the leash, and then we
switched to off leash.  
We had lot's of fun
training together, but
then, anything Bailey
did, as long as it was
with us, she found fun!
I loved this
happy-go-lucky girl,
and the attitude and
effort she put into
everything she did!
DCA  Road Trials, April 2,
2009. Bailey took 1st in her
class! It was rainy, windy and
cold, but we prevailed. Way to
go girl!
Photo credit goes to my friend, Judith Franklin
Bailey had a typical, typy, dalmatian build...very
correct to the Dalmatian Standard. . She always walked
into a perfect free stack and had that "hey.....look at me"
attitude. As far as temperament goes, you couldn't have
asked for a sweeter dog. She's  was always willing,
waiting, and wanting to give out her special "hugs".
I miss her silly, happy presence around here, soooo
Owner; Rebecca  

Jena Zafiratos

Sex; Female


Baer; Bi-lateral

DOB and Death

Weight; 45

Eye Color;
Medium Brown

Height; 21  

OFA; Good